What Is Black Water Damage in North Atlanta?

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Black water damageis the most serious type you can experience on your property. Generally, it’s the direct result of an event like flooding from a natural disaster or a sewer malfunction. This is highly contaminated, dangerous water that poses health risks and permanent damage to your property.Here’s an in-depth look at black water damage and why it has to be taken seriously.

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Black water is named for its degree of contaminants , not its color. If your black water has come from sewage, the danger is even greater. Raw sewage can contain diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, and norovirus, plus untold additional bacteria and microbes. There is the potential for human waste, mold, pesticides, and debris, as well. Flooding from natural disasters always carries the risk of wildlife, too, so be on the lookout for snakes and other animals that may end up on the property.

Black Water Damage Calls for Advanced Restoration

With black water damage, more items are thrown away and the intense disinfection process can be quite expensive. Black water damage requires the help of experienced professionals because of its high contamination levels.

With special equipment, the standing water is removed and many parts of your home (and possessions) will be disposed of. The team will attempt to save sentimental and valuable items, but due to the nature of the contamination, it may not be possible.

Once the area is dried, dehumidified, and decontaminated, permanent restoration can begin.

We Can Handle Your Black Water Damage at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta

Because of our advanced certification, the team at Restoration 1 of North Atlantais the trusted help you need if you’re facing black water damage. We’re available 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration, no matter what. Contact us whenever you need to at 678-671-5636!