FAQs - Restoration 1 of North Atlanta

It may seem like there are more questions than answers when you are dealing with water, mold or fire & smoke damage. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

First things first – call 911. Once the fire is extinguished, contact Restoration 1 of North Atlanta. We will send a team straight to your property to begin the fire damage restoration process.

The time frame required to thoroughly clean up fire damage varies, depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the property. Typically, we can clean up fire damage within a few hours to a few weeks. You’ll know more once we can assess the damage in person.

Your safest option is to contact our team for a thorough investigation before entering the property yourself. Entering a building impacted by severe fire or smoke damage can lead to immense risks, including injury and even further structural damage.

Our fire damage restoration team is better equipped to tackle fire damage cleanup and restoration efforts. We have both the tools and safety equipment necessary to handle the job, so we always recommend leaving the cleanup efforts to our crew!

Any item left in the house during the fire damage restoration process will be thoroughly assessed, salvaged, and restored whenever possible. However, please note that many items may be destroyed by the fire, or too far damaged for our team to properly restore or repair.

After extensive property damage, the primary safety concerns include weakened structural components, contamination, and possible electrocution stemming from water damage meeting electrical wiring. These factors make a damaged property entirely unsafe for anyone but professionals to enter.

Any item important to you that has not been extensively damaged in a fire or by water damage, we will salvage and restore first – then bring to you. Depending on the damage, some possessions may be unsalvageable, though we will document everything we do, and notify you which items cannot be saved.

Our restoration team will take a thorough inventory of every item we locate during the restoration process. All items are sorted and detailed as to their location and exact condition. We will let you know of any non-restorable items, and how they were properly disposed of.

We work efficiently and quickly to salvage as many special items as possible. If there are any possessions you’d like us to focus on, please provided a detailed description and last known whereabouts, so we may retrieve them first. We rely on you for such information, so we can treat these special items with the care and attention they deserve.

Following property damage of any scale, you should speak with your insurance company to determine how billing will be handled for repairs and restoration. Each insurance company and policy are unique, though, so you may have restrictions or coverage requirements to meet.

We do recommend considering a claim with your insurance company. At the very least, you should call and speak with the insurance agency. Depending on the cost and potential rise in premiums, it is up to you to determine whether filing a claim is the right move or not.

We do make ourselves available to answer any questions your insurance company or adjuster may have.

Our restoration experts are trained and equipped to identify and properly handle potentially harmful chemicals and materials found during the property restoration process. However, please note that we work under strict safety protocols. We do not put anyone at risk. If the condition of the property is deemed unsuitable for our team, we will speak with a professional with the right credentials to assess the situation.

Restoration 1 of North Atlanta primarily handles cleanup, repairs, and restoration efforts. If you would like to add significant upgrades or additions, we recommend speaking with a separate contractor for more information.

Mold Remediation FAQs

Mildew is a light-colored surface fungus that is relatively simple to identify and clean properly. Mold, on the other hand, is a sure sign of a larger, more severe infestation. Mold is often green or black in color and is known to cause severe health complications.

Mold is typically green or black. It can be found on a variety of surfaces, where it has the appearance of raised bumps – either fuzzy or moist. Mold is frequently hidden, so you’ll want our experts to thoroughly examine your property.

The cost for mold remediation services varies – it always depends on the amount of mold discovered in the property, and how early the infestation was found. Mold spreads fast, so the sooner mold is detected, the less expensive the situation will be. Another factor is the location of the mold, and whether repairs or replacement of building components is required.

Mold growth is variable. However, most mold will grow within 24–48 hours of excessive moisture or improperly handled water damage. Some mold takes weeks to grow. In any case, get professional help to fully locate and treat mold growth.

Keep safe! A mold remediation expert is positively required to properly evaluate a property for mold growth. Since mold spreads so quickly, it is nearly impossible for the average homeowner or business owner to identify all problem areas.

Every mold infestation is unique. Some mold remediation jobs take us a few days, while others may require a few weeks to complete. It all depends on the extent of the mold growth. When we examine the property, we can give you a better estimate.

Mold remediation is the act of cleaning, removing, sanitizing, and treating an entire area to eliminate all presence of mold. Often, these treatment methods prevent further mold infestations from growing in the near future, too.

Our mold experts are equipped with specialized tools, and are trained in unique techniques to detect the presence of mold in any type of property. One of the most common signs of mold growth is moisture buildup underneath flooring and behind walls. Typically, such signs cannot be discovered without the use of advanced equipment.

Mold is known to cause a variety of health concerns. However, it should be noted that some people are more sensitive to mold exposure than others. In any case, mold has been known to cause throat and eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, rashes, fever, and respiratory illness. Mold is also harmful to animals.