The Effects of Black Water Damage After a Storm in North Atlanta

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Black water is the unfortunate result of flooding caused by a natural disaster. This dangerous, disease-ridden water causes substantial damage to infrastructure in its path. Though flooding is rare in Atlanta, longtime residents will never forget the flood that overtook our city in September of 2009. Moisture produced from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic caused it to rain for days on end, proving too much for basins to manage. Many properties throughout the region suffered severe damage, costing property owners $500 million to recover. Following a storm, black water can wreak havoc on properties across Atlanta, often creating irreparable damage. Learn more about the effects of black water damage and what to do if your property is affected.

The Effects of Black Water Damage

Contaminants in Black Water

Black water can contain a wide range of dangers that should only be addressed by professionals. Besides chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and waste, black water also carries disease , and has the potential to contain hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, norovirus, and other gastroenteritis-type illnesses. Without the appropriate equipment or training, you’re putting yourself at risk by making contact with the water.

Black Water Often Leads to the Disposal of Belongings

The reality is that when there’s flooding from a storm, there are generally evacuation orders in place. If you have to leave your home and water gets in, you will likely face substantial property loss when you return. Water damage of any kind that’s left to sit will result in a major project to remove saturated carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, furniture, and possessions. Black water is a whole different game, though. As a matter of safety, many possessions must be disposed of, but we always attempt to restore your belongings when possible.

Disinfection After Black Water Damage

Of all the types of water damage, black water is the most expensive to clean. This is not only for the cleanup and removal of materials, but also due to the disinfection measures required. The black water damage cleanup processis extensive, and typically requires more time than standard water damage restoration. Once cleanup and disinfection is complete, we make sure the area is dry and mold-free before we move on to permanent repairs.

Call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for Black Water Damage Restoration

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