Life-Saving Tips to Avoid a Home Fire in North Atlanta

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According to the Red Cross, families typically have under two minutes to escape from a house fire. That’s why having a working smoke alarm on each floor and near primary areas such as the kitchen can make a world of difference. During a fire, having an early warning system can mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not think about house fires on a regular basis. They know property fires are dangerous and damaging, but most do not believe one could happen in their house.

The truth is that fires can happen anywhere at any time. Here are a few life-saving tips to avoid a house fire in North Atlanta.

Expert Fire Damage Safety Tips in North Atlanta

If you wish to keep a safe and secure home in North Atlanta, you need to be prepared for any accident. A house fire can occur very suddenly. You could be cooking dinner for the family when a single mishap causes a severe blaze, or perhaps a candle tips over in the living room. Do not risk your home, possessions, or safety. Here are a few expert fire safety tips to drastically lower your chances of house fires.

  • Install a smoke alarm on each level of your home, inside of bedrooms, outside sleeping areas, and in fire-prone areas, such as the kitchen or near a fireplace.
  • Each month, test your smoke alarms. If they do not work, change the batteries or replace them.
  • Create a fire escape plan with multiple escape routes from each floor and room of your home.
  • Twice per year, go over your fire escape plan with the entire family and ensure everyone knows how to react to a house fire.

Common Causes of House Fires

In the modern residential household, there are numerous common causes that lead to severe house fires. The most common causes of fire in North Atlanta include:

  • Faulty Wiring – On occasion, you should check the electrical wires throughout your home for signs of fraying. Replace the broken wires as needed. Furthermore, never pinch or cover electrical cords; it causes damage and excess heat.
  • Kitchen Mishaps – Cooking is a leading cause of house fires in the country. While cooking, do not leave a hot stove or oven unattended. Take a pot holder with you as a reminder that something is cooking.
  • Clothes Dryers – A clothes dryer requires a proper ventilation system to release all of the excess heat. Without a vent, the risk of fire increases exponentially.
  • Alternative Heating – Many homeowners, especially during the winter, require alternative sources of warmth like portable heaters. When left unattended, these heating sources may lead to a dangerous situations in which fires are likely.

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