Is Water Damage Covered by Insurance in North Atlanta?

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Water damage is a circumstantial issue when it comes to insurance coverage. It’s generally covered, but there are factors that will prohibit you from using your homeowners policy for cleanup and repairs. We’ll discuss those factors and what kind of coverage you’ll receive for water damage in North Atlanta. If you’re able to file a claim and it’s approved, then Restoration 1 of North Atlanta will get to work restoring your property!

Types of Water Damage That Are Not Generally Covered

There are types of water damage that are not generally covered under homeowners policies. For starters, floods aren’t because they’re handled under a separate policy created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program. This policy is recommended if your property is located within a flood plain or near a body of water and can be purchased through your insurance agent.Another instance that isn’t generally covered under homeowners insurance is a sewer backup. This requires additional coverage because it’s an extensive process to clean up and repair the system. Fixing the source of your water damage, like the repair of a pipe if it burst or a broken appliance, will not be covered. Also, if you had an unresolved issue you knew about, such as a leaking faucet that developed into a major issue, your negligence will cost you a claim.

The Types of Coverage You’ll Receive for Water Damage

Typically, instances where the damage was unexpected and accidental receive coverage. Once your claim is filed and approved, you’ll receive two types of coverage: dwelling and personal property. Dwelling coverage is responsible for the cost of structural repairs or completely replacing portions of the home that were affected by the water damage. Personal property coverage is for any possessions that need repairing from the water or total replacement.

Call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for Water Damage Restoration

At Restoration 1 of North Atlanta, we are available 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration. We know disaster doesn’t pick a convenient time to strike, so whenever you need us, we’re ready to help. We’re always more than happy to discuss the extent of the damage with any insurance personnel to get the coverage you need. Call us at 678-671-5636!