Is Hidden Mold a Problem in North Atlanta?

Photo by Ekaterina_Minaeva for Shutterstock

No region of the United States is immune to mold damage. Wherever there’s moisture, hospitable temperatures and organic surfaces, mold can flourish. In our humid North Atlanta summers, where the temperatures are between 80 and 90 degrees, mold inside and outside of our properties is a serious concern.

What about hidden mold? Fungi can be present where we least expect, so it’s important that you recognize the sign of its growth early on, even if it’s not visible.

Common Places for Hidden Mold Damage

An invisible mold infestation could be consuming your whole home and affecting your health without you realizing it. This could result in endless trips to the doctor or escalated reactions that could have been prevented.

When tracking down hidden mold growth, it’s important to know where to look. Common places where mold hides include:

  • Behind the walls and wallpaper in your home
  • In air ducts
  • In air conditioning units
  • In attics
  • Crawlspaces that aren’t encapsulated
  • Under leaking sinks
  • Under flooring
  • Under/in carpeting
  • In chimneys

Things to Watch out for

When you’re on the lookout for hidden mold in your North Atlanta home, there are signs that can help you locate the outbreak. The first is that musty, unmistakable odor that accompanies both mold and mildew. It smells damp, like when you accidentally leave a load of laundry in the machine for too long. If you smell it in certain areas of your home, scheduling a mold inspection immediately is a good idea.

The next sign is visible blotches of mold. These spots will be raised and have texture. If they’re darker in color, you could be dealing with toxic black mold.

The last (and most serious) sign to watch for is a change in your family’s health. Allergy-like reactions are common in most people, but they could worsen in time and affect those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

If you notice water damage somewhere in your home or you have experienced it recently, watch for these signs more avidly than usual. Mold loves to grow in areas that have experienced water damage. You may even want to schedule a mold inspection before any of these signs appear, just to be safe.

Call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for Mold Remediation

At Restoration 1 of North Atlanta, we offer comprehensive mold inspections and remediation services. We can find hidden mold in no time, no matter where it’s located. We come to every property with the most advanced equipment to scour for growths and work to make sure they don’t resurface. Call to schedule your property service with us at 678-671-5636!