How to Clean Up Sewage Water Affecting North Atlanta Properties

Haiduchyk Aliaksei

Sewage water poses several threats, including the risk of disease and the chance of electrocution. Homeowners should never enter a flooded area without the proper safety gear and training. That’s why, at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta, we always recommend calling professionals to the scene of the flood.Once the restoration team arrives, they’ll begin the process of cleaning up the sewage water. Here are the first three steps they’ll tackle to fix the water damage.

Step 1: Remove Sewage Damage Contaminated Belongings

Because sewage water is highly contaminated, many of your belongings may be permanently damaged. Even if some items can be salvaged, they’ll need to be taken to a secure location where they can be cleaned and repaired. The restoration company will create a thorough inventory of the affected belongings and keep track of what is tossed and what is repaired.

Step 2: Cleaning and Sanitization

Next, the restoration teamwill begin cleaning and sanitizing the area to decrease the risk of contamination and disease. They will drain the flood waters with pumps and remove other debris that has infiltrated the house. Then, the team will wash every wall, floor, and surface that has come in contact with the contaminated water. Once the area is clean, they will open the windows and install fans to start drying the affected space.

Step 3: Turn the Utilities Back On

Before the restoration team enters the premise, they will turn off the utilities like gas and electricity. Only once everything has been cleaned and deemed safe will they turn the power back on. This decreases the risk of electrocution.

Call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for Sewage Cleanup

Our team at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta can handle sewage cleanup projects safely and quickly. We’re experts at dealing with high levels of contamination and flooding. Give us a callat 678-671-5636 to schedule your restoration project. We’ll arrive at your doorstep within the hour.