How to Detect Hidden Mold in North Atlanta Homes

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Finding out you have a mold infestationis bad news. What’s even worse? Hidden mold. Whether caused by a pipe leaking behind your walls or an appliance malfunction, learning that you’ve been living with a mold outbreak all this time is an unwelcome discovery. That’s why our team at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta wants to take the opportunity to share some of the surefire signs that you have a hidden mold infestation in your home.

Signs of Hidden Mold Damage

Water Spots on Walls or Ceiling

If you notice spots on your wall that are wet to the touch, there’s something wrong. Residential and commercial propertieshave extensive piping throughout the walls, and water spots are a sign that you are experiencing a leak of some kind. If it’s visible on the surface of the drywall, it’s already saturated multiple layers. The area behind walls is a perfect spot for mold to thrive; it’s warm, dark, and damp thanks to the leak. The likely course of action is that the walls will need to be opened up to ensure all mold is removed.

Dark Spots on Walls

If you have kiddos and pets running around, things are bound to get dirty once in a while, especially as the weather warms up here in Atlanta and we spend more time outside. It’s important to make sure those dirty patches are just dirt! If you see raised, multi-colored, and textured spots on your walls, it’s likely mold. If it doesn’t make sense to you how mold got there, investigate to find the source of the moisture.

Musty Odor Around Your Home

Have you ever left a wet load of laundry in the washing machine for too long? When you open the machine, you can’t miss that odor. It’s musty, pungent, and warrants a second washing of your clothes. Well, what you smelled was the onset of mildew, and the smell of mold is similar. If you experience this smell in a particular part of your home and you can’t find the source, you have hidden mold. Whether it’s behind the walls, under an appliance, or somewhere else, immediately schedule a mold inspection.

Call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for Hidden Mold

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