he Facts on Storm Recovery in North Atlanta and What to Expect

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Despite your best efforts, sometimes Mother Nature is just too strong for us to contend with. When severe thunderstorm, heavy rain or hailstorms strikes the area, no property is safe. Depending on the severity of the storm, the storm damage may be considerable. We’re talking about flooding, debris, fallen trees and busted utilities, among other dangers. If you’re not prepared, then know that your local restoration company is prepared. You can easily schedule storm recovery serviceswith a single phone call. Their efforts will give you back your home.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The first portion of the storm recovery process is the cleanup. Most severe storms we see in the Atlanta area are accompanied by high winds and heavy rainfall. These conditions result in downed trees, broken branches, fallen power lines, standing water, and more. Furthermore, depending on the type of debris and wind speeds, certain objects may be blown into your home, resulting in damage to the roof, siding, and exterior fixtures.

The fact of the matter is, most fallen debris and storm damage after any type of severe weather is often dangerous. The average homeowner is neither equipped nor trained to handle the situation without risking further damage or injury. As such, for storm damage cleanup, you always want to hire a local restoration company. The results generally speak for themselves.

Storm Recovery Costs – What to Expect

Even when it comes to property damage, most homeowners – perhaps yourself included – wish to know the exact costs associated with restoration and recovery services. Thankfully, depending on the type of damage, most homeowners insurance policies or flood insurance will cover the cost of restoration and repairs. You should receive reimbursement from the insurance company. However, there may be emergency costs you need to cover.

Here are a few of those costs associated with storm recovery services:

  • Mitigation – These include temporary repairs to the home and security measures to keep people safe, out of your property, and the area free of further damage.
  • Emergency Cleanup – Depending on the type of damage, you may find you need debris removal and mold prevention immediately.
  • Other Costs – Then, there are other costs involved, such as household living expenses (temporary living, etc.) or expenses to keep your business running during the recovery process.

Understand Your Insurance

We briefly mentioned insurance and how many will receive coverage for their claim. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand your insurance policy and what it covers. If possible, keep a copy of your insurance policy readily available.

  • Review your policy to better understand your coverage options.
  • Explore any possible extensions available.
  • Acquire quotes for restoration and repair services.

These steps, alongside documenting your damage, will help put you on the path to a safe and secure home after any sort of storm damage.

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