Why Is The Bathroom Floor Wet? 

water damage cleanup alpharettaWhile you can expect a foggy mirror after a steamy shower, any unexplained water on the floor of your bathroom needs to be investigated. If ignored, excess moisture can cause damage to the floors, walls, and metal components of your home.

Water Damage Cleanup In Alpharetta

When you see or feel the water with your bare feet, look for the common causes: 

Are Faucets Leaking? 

A continuous drip while the faucet is off usually indicates a leak from the handle. This issue collects dirt, minerals, and debris in the valve and cartridge. This blockage makes a barrier that prevents the valve from completely closing off the flow of water.  

Or metal or plastic components wear out or crack. Faucets have one or more O-Rings to seal at the spout base. If the O-Ring wears out, you’ll see water at the base seeping down along the faucet body every time you use it.

Inspect Three Areas On The Toilet

A leaky toilet can waste as much as five gallons of water per minute and cost you up to $100 per month on your water bill.  

The hardest to detect is the most common cause– a deteriorated flush valve (also called a  flapper) ball at the bottom of the toilet tank. An improperly adjusted or broken fill (ballcock valve) is the second most common type of toilet leak. If the float is set too high, the shut-off valve will fail to close completely. A stream of water will continue to enter the tank, then flow into the overflow tube.

If instead, you use the toilet leaking from the base, the seal under the toilet has failed. You (or a plumber) must create a watertight seal between the toilet and the closet flange with a new wax seal. Use this opportunity to 1) upgrade to a new flexible water-supply tube and double 2) check the security of the bolts securing the tank to the floor.

Overflow From Tub, Over Spray From Shower

Sometimes the water is not from a mechanical failure, but from operator error! If your bathtime flooded onto the floor, you must clean up right away. And even if you mop it up with a towel, water may have seeped into cracks in the grout or under the baseboards and begin to damage the building materials in your home. 

Repairing The Resulting Damage

Although bathrooms are water resistant they are not waterproof. When too much of a good thing sits on the wood, MDF, grout, and drywall, it can be absorbed by these porous materials. 

Extra Safety After A Flood 

After a serious water event leads to extensive property damage, the focus shifts to safety. The cleanup and restoration team will be concerned about correcting weakened structural components, contamination, and corroded electrical wiring. The professionals at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta will determine any dangerous areas and work safely in order to protect your home and family from harm.   

If You Have Water Damage In Alpharetta

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