What to Do If Sewage Backup Enters Your North Atlanta Home

by Avi Drori at Shutterstock

Of all the situations you may face as a homeowner, nothing quite compares to the mess or gross-out factor of a sewage backup. Even though it’s a big mess, do not attempt DIY sewage cleanup in North Atlanta. By doing so, you would be putting your health at risk and opening the door to further property damage. There are highly trained and equipped professionals to mitigate the damage and clean up the mess. Call them!

Sewage Cleanup Tips

Again, we cannot recommend DIY sewage cleanup in any way. It’s too messy and risky. In the meantime, while you wait for a local restoration company, here’s what you can do by yourself.

  • Do not enter the area if there is contaminated water in contact with an electrical outlet or other electrical sources until power to the home has been turned off.
  • Keep pets, children and the elderly away from the affected area until help can arrive.
  • If you absolutely must enter the affected room, wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, respirator, coverall and rubber boots.
  • Open up the windows and turn on fans to help ventilate the area as soon as possible.
  • Shut off the plumbing to the home to prevent any worsening water damageor a secondary sewage backup.
  • Do not attempt DIY sewage cleanup, as most household cleaners and chemicals will only exacerbate the situation while putting you at risk for serious health complications.

Common Causes of Sewage Backups in North Atlanta

Each year, there are more sewage backups than the previous years. The culprits remain the same, though.

  • Tree Roots — As tree roots seek out moisture, they sneak into the cracks of pipe joints and begin to quickly grow while consuming the water and nutrients in the sewer line. Before long, the roots will block the pipe and lead to a backup in the home.
  • Main Line Blockage — On occasion, you’ll face a sewer main blockage that slowly presents over time. You’ll notice seepage, slow drainage and then a backup in the bathroom.
  • Old Age — An old sewer system, of which there are many, can lead to a blockage and backup, as the pipes will eventually wear down and crumble in some spaces. The most common symptom of such a problem is generally a leak, which first presents in the yard overhead the pipe.

There’s only one thing to do when you experience a sewage backup in North Atlanta: call the professionals. A 24-hour sewage backup team from your local restoration company can help alleviate any further risks or damages to your home. It’s important to call as soon as possible, though.

For 24/7 sewage cleanup services, call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta. We’re available around the clock at 678-671-5636. We’ll send our IICRC-certified restoration team to your home within an hour of your call — that’s our guarantee to you!