Water Leakage In The Walls

water damage restoration roswellWater leakage inside of the walls can go largely unnoticed by someone who doesn’t know what to look for. Unfortunately, this type of disaster doesn’t typically have alarms to notify us that this is occurring. Because of that, it’s crucial to know how to identify a hidden leakage problem

Water Damage Restoration – Roswell

Catching water damage before it gets too large is critical to minimize destruction as much as possible. The longer that water sticks around the house, the more issues that arise such as deterioration and mold. When a slow leak begins inside the walls of your home, it will leave behind clues. Serious damage can be minimized if you know how to detect water leakage. 

Musty Odors

Flooring and sheetrock that become damp from leaky pipes and stay that way will begin to generate a very distinct smell that water can bring. This stale and damp smell lingers in the air and is generally the first sign of mold or mildew. Typically, this odor can be the clearest sign that there is water leakage somewhere in a home. If you begin to track the scent down and find it to be near a wall, chances are that there is water leakage behind them. 

Leaky Sounds

Water that is leaking inside of your home will typically make some sort of noise depending on the severity of the flow. Dripping and flowing sounds indicate that there is something wrong in your home. Listen for plinking noises after turning off a faucet or flushing the toilet. This can be an audible clue that there is water leakage in the walls. 

Color And Texture Changes

Walls that are affected by water damage will begin to change in numerous ways. A huge reason that changes in color will arise is because of growing mold. Mold will thrive around a leaky pipe and take hold of the inside surface of the affected wall. Because of this, a growing stain will begin to appear on otherwise clean sheetrock. Discoloration can also appear because of general wet spots, leaving behind brown or copper-colored stains in its path. With discoloration, the texture will begin to change. Damp walls cause wallpaper and paint to peel, bubble, and crack as they can no longer adhere due to moisture. 

In addition to texture and color, visible mold may start growing on walls/ceilings, which is extremely hazardous and needs to be taken care of immediately. You may also see leaking in different places such as door frames, roofs, and window frames. These leaks can cause puddles in the home making it another thing to keep an eye out for. Make sure to keep a keen eye out for any of these signs to catch the water damage in your home before it worsens.

Increase In Water Bill

Households typically know the amount of money that is spent monthly on water bills. If those numbers begin to spike without explanation, there is probably a leak somewhere within the walls that you are unaware of. 

These are signs that are easy to miss if you are unaware of the problem that these may cause. If any of these are occurring to you, it is highly likely there is an undetected leak somewhere in your home. However, it doesn’t have to be up to you to find the problem and repair it. Professionals at Restoration 1 are readily available to fix any water damage restoration needs that you may have.