Steps To Take Following Fire Damage

fire damage roswellExperiencing a fire in your home can be devastating, and the process of recovering from fire damage can be overwhelming. However, there are specific steps that you can take to ensure that your home is restored and your personal belongings are salvaged. 

Fire Damage Roswell

Here at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta, we have helped hundreds of homeowners here in Roswell deal with fire damage, and we have come up with a list of steps you should take when your home suffers from fire damage.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company. The first and most important step after a fire is contacting your insurance company. They will send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine your coverage for repairs and replacements. Your insurance company will also provide guidance on what steps to take next, such as hiring a restoration company like Restoration 1 of North Atlanta. 
  2. Secure Your Property. Once the fire extinguisher arrives, securing the property is vital to prevent further damage or theft. Board up broken windows and doors, tarp any holes in the roof and ensure that the property is locked and inaccessible to anyone who is not unauthorized to be there. This will keep unwanted things out and help protect your home from elements like wind and rain.
  3. Document The Damage. Take photos and videos of the damage to your property, both inside and outside, and document all of your personal belongings that have been affected. This will be important for your insurance claim and for tracking the restoration process.
  4. Hire A Restoration Company. It is essential to hire a professional restoration company to assess the damage, create a restoration plan, and restore the fire damage to your home. A reputable restoration company will have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly clean and repair your property and handle the insurance claim on your behalf. 
  5. Assess And Salvage Personal Belongings. After the restoration company has assessed the damage, they will determine which personal belongings can be salvaged and which need to be discarded. They will also clean and deodorize any items that can be saved. You should also make a list of items that have been damaged beyond repair or lost for insurance purposes.
  6. Clean And Repair Your Property. The restoration company will begin the process of cleaning and repairing your property. This may include removing debris, cleaning up water and smoke damage, repairing or replacing damaged structures, and restoring our property to its pre-fire condition. 
  7. Address Any Health Concerns. After a fire, there may be health concerns due to smoke and soot exposure. It is crucial to address any health concerns with a medical professional, especially if anyone in the household has respiratory issues or allergies.

Recovering from fire damage in your Roswell home can be a long and challenging process, but taking the proper steps and calling a restoration company can help to ensure that your home is restored safely and as quickly as possible. Restoration 1 of North Atlanta is here to help when you have fire damage.