Preventing And Responding To Toaster Fires

fire damage roswellFire damage is one event that a good amount of homeowners face, unfortunately. Hundreds of fires every year are started by toasters. These fires could have been avoided by following the recommended caution regarding toasters. 

Fire Damage Roswell

Here are a few tips regarding preventing and responding to toaster fires from our fire damage restoration team at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta.

Prevention Tips

Clean It Often

Keeping excess crumbs and debris out of your toaster is an important element of fire safety. A surprisingly large amount of crumbs can build up in a short time, so you should do this fairly often. Fortunately, dumping out crumbs is easy enough. Every few weeks, you should also wipe down the toaster and scrub it with a toothbrush. 

Unplug When You’re Not Using It

When you’re not using the toaster, there’s no need to keep it plugged in. Unplug your toaster between uses to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

Use The Right Settings

Toasters have different settings for a reason. Using the wrong setting puts you at unnecessary risk of a house fire. Not to mention, your food probably won’t taste as good either!

Replace It When Necessary

When the time comes, replace your toaster. Don’t continue using a toaster that is not functioning properly, as this is probably the most common reason for toaster fires. Also, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to know when to replace your toaster and how to perform any necessary maintenance.

Responding To A Fire

Unplug The Toaster Immediately

First things first, unplug the toaster to shut off the power source. Although, only do this if you can safely do so. You don’t need to risk getting burned in the process. 

Use A Fire Extinguisher Or Fire Blanket

The next step is to use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket to smother the flames. Either option is acceptable. However, it is important that you have something on hand to put out the fire, so you don’t waste time looking for something to put out the fire.

Turn Off Any Electric Appliances Nearby

Once the fire has been contained, you should shut off any nearby electrical appliances. The fire may have compromised these appliances or the electrical system, so you need to shut them off and inspect them for damage.

Exit The House And Call For Help If The Fire Spreads

Finally, leave home as quickly as possible if the fire spreads and you cannot contain it. Call the fire department right away so they can hurry out to contain the fire.

Despite being simple to use and clean, toasters still contribute to a large number of house fires each year. You can prevent this from happening to you by following the advice given above. Nonetheless, if your home still suffers from fire damage, whether it be from a toaster or something else, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta in Roswell for help.