How to Tell if You Have a Burst Pipe Leaking in Your Atlanta Home

burst pipe anywhere in your home can spell disaster before long. Such a situation is often caused by frozen pipes, old age or a severe clog. No matter the case, you need relief fast. You need a restoration team capable of providing quick water damage restoration and burst pipe repair in your Atlanta home.
First, you need to be able to diagnose a burst pipe for yourself. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a severe water leak will help you find the right service fast.

Signs of a Burst Pipe in Atlanta Homes

Thankfully, the clear majority of your plumbing will display certain signs and symptoms that indicate a problem. When you have a burst pipe, for example, you’ll note:

  • Water Pressure — You’ll note a distinct change in your home’s water pressure, especially in the shower or toilet, when you have a burst pipe. Low water pressure can be quite an annoyance to deal with, and you may ignore it at first, but eventually, the problem will persist or worsen.
  • Water Damage — If a pipe bursts, you’ll eventually notice damage on the walls or ceiling. This damage may appear as a circular pattern depending on where the water drips or how severe the flow is at once.
  • Standing Water — Alongside the drip patterns and leaks, you’ll note standing water near the affected pipe. A break in the main line, especially, will lead to copious amounts of standing water.
  • Musty Odors — Before you know it, any water damage that has gone unnoticed until now will start to produce a musty odor. As the odor grows, it’s a sure sign of mold starting to form near the leak.
  • Strange Sounds — A broken pipe may also be associated with unusual noises coming from the plumbing system as a whole. You may notice a bubbling or whistling sound caused by the leak. The whistling is the air trapped in the line as it escapes through the crack.

What to Do After a Burst Pipe

The moment you notice a burst pipe anywhere in your home, follow these steps:

  • Shut Off the Water — You should know where the main water shut off and supply valve are located in your home in case of an emergency. At the first sign of a burst pipe, shut off the water.
  • Open a Faucet — After you shut off the water to the home, open up a faucet near the pipe. This will help relieve any pressure remaining in the line.
  • Call an Expert — A local restoration company can help you alleviate any concerns by offering burst pipe repair and water damage restoration fast.

If you discover a burst pipe in your home, call Restoration 1 of North Atlanta for 24-hour burst pipe repair and water damage restoration. Give us a call at 678-671-5636!