Fire Prevention Tips To Keep You In The Christmas Spirit

fire damage roswellNothing can ruin a joyous Christmas celebration like a house fire. Unfortunately, the threat of house fires is especially pronounced during the Christmas season for several different reasons. From our fire damage restoration specialists at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta in Roswell, here are four fire prevention tips to help you avoid these hazards during the Christmas season and enjoy the holidays.

Fire Damage In Roswell

Take Care Hanging Up Christmas Lights

Nothing signals the Christmas spirit more than Christmas lights around the house and on the Christmas tree. However, in the excitement of preparing for the holiday season, it is easy to forget the serious fire damage hazards posed by Christmas lights. There are two primary ways that Christmas lights can threaten your home with fire damage.

First, faulty lights can overheat or short circuit. The excessive heat or sparks from a short-circuited light can cause something to catch fire. This can be prevented by avoiding using old lights and purchasing new lights with good safety ratings. 

Second, lights on Christmas trees are always a fire damage concern, but this concern is amplified when the tree is dry from not being watered enough. Dry Christmas trees are like kindling for a fire and can light up at even a small spark.

Use Extra Heaters With Caution

Space heaters are a lifesaver during the cold winter months. However, they are also a serious fire damage threat. The main mistake people make with a space heater is mistakenly placing it next to flammable materials. In the course of a few minutes or hours, this can cause these items to catch ablaze. Also, unless you need to, it is advisable to turn off your space heaters overnight.

Use Candles Safely

Candles are a common addition to the home during the holiday season. However, they are one of the most concerning fire damage threats there is. Candles are literally open flames protected by a small jar of glass. A small accident or mishap could result in your candle falling on the floor and starting a fire. Experts recommend not using candles with open flames at all given this concern. It is much safer to use electronic “candles” that produce the same scenes without the same risks. If you do decide to use a candle, however, make sure that you practice extreme caution and take the threat of fire seriously.

Be Careful With Your Fireplace

Nothing says Christmas like a warm, inviting fireplace. But, you need to be careful with your fireplace to avoid causing a fire hazard. Make sure you have a solid grate separating your room from the open flame and that you only burn high-quality wood. No sparks or chunks of burnt wood should ever make it outside of your fireplace. If so, you should fix the problem before any serious issues can develop.

While these tips should allow ensuring that your home remains fire-damage-free this Christmas, nothing is ever guaranteed. If your home is ever damaged by a house fire, don’t hesitate before giving us a call at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta in Roswell for help.