Can Alpharetta Restaurant Fires Create Special Remediation Issues?

by Denise Kappa at Shutterstock

A restaurant is a type of venture that, like many businesses, requires near-constant attention and an abundance of commitment. Knowing that, in the blink of an eye, you could lose it all to fire damage in Alpharetta is tough. Along with recuperating your livelihood, there are codes and regulations to consider. All instances of the fire and smoke damage must be thoroughly cleaned.
According to FEMA, there are an estimated 5,600 restaurant fires each year in the United States. These fires result in fewer than five deaths, over 100 injuries and $116 million in commercial property damage.

How to Return Your Restaurant to Pre-Fire Conditions

Each day that your restaurant remains closed, you lose money. As such, fire damage restoration and cleanup should begin immediately. To thoroughly dry any water damage, remove smoke odors and clean up leftover embers, the right team is a must.

  • Emergency Services — In the restaurant industry, it’s not uncommon to be open extra early or well into the night. Most other businesses are closed. You need a local restoration company offering 24-hour fire damage restoration. Their 24/7 services will provide the relief you need fast.
  • Repairs — Some of the items in your restaurant will be too far damaged to repair or restore. Determining what can be salvaged and repaired is best left to certified technicians. They know the situation better than most.
  • Odor Removal — The smell of smoke and soot permeates in everything you own. The benches, hard surfaces and kitchen equipment must all be treated for noxious odors and contaminants.
  • Health Officials — You’ll be under immense scrutiny after a fire. To appease the local fire and health officials, Restoration 1 technicians go above and beyond to show their work is above expectations.

The Support of Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A restaurant that suffered fire damage can only be completely safe and stable once the fire and water damage are thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, there’s always the risk of structural instability and airborne contaminants. You need support.

  • Emergency board up services and stabilization.
  • Removal of commercial goods and a full assessment of all damages.
  • Use of advanced restoration equipment such as water removal devices and dehumidifiers.
  • Full cleanup of services after soot or smoke damage to prevent staining.

In the aftermath of a restaurant fire, let Restoration 1 of North Atlanta provide fast relief and cleanup. Call now for 24-hour fire damage restoration at 678-671-5636!